Let's Talk Packaging

In response to the #teamseas movement this year started by MrBeast and Mark Rober, we decided to reflect on our products and what we were making to be more in line with this movement they were creating to reduce our footprint on plastic.

With any product, your experience with the product starts with the packaging. But with every packaging, more than likely this leads to being recycled or even trashed. 

What Did We Do?

Plastic was a good chunk of our packaging when we started Something Nice Company and even though this provided a nice minimal look with our product being protected and glamorized, we saw how the post-unboxing of our product was going to take a toll on our footprint to the world once disposed of in the trash or recycling.

With that being noticed and the change #teamseas was trying to accomplish, we thought we could be a better company and make a change too.With the launch of our new product coming soon and as well our toothbrush, we moved our products to paper packaging to help the footprint we leave even after the unboxing of our products.

Here is our old packaging:

Take a look at our line new line of packaging that helps our initiative to be a part of the #teamseas movement:

Our Full Oral Care Line - Now Available for Purchase

When you make innovative products, there also needs to be innovative responsibility to help sustain a better future.

Thank you for being a part of Something Nice Company.
- Dr. Benjamin Winters (The Bentist)