Hi, I'm Ben

Let's Smile Today!

Your smile means everything to this world!

It is your first impression with anyone, wouldn't you want it to be as amazing as possible. As an Orthodontist and Dentist, taking care of smiles is what I do best, and knowing I can help you, that makes me smile.

Say hello to Something Nice Company, an Oral Care brand that brings you a no BS approach to dental care!

The Dentist

The Bentist

Dr. Benjamin Winters... but people on the internet know him as The Bentist!

Speaking of Dentist... He is one! Well, he specialized further and is now an Orthodontist. Him and his team work on straightening and aligning jaws and teeth using braces and Aligners!   

Now after 4 years of posting funny, educational videos on the internet we have over
19 million followers and growing!

We Started For You

Something Nice started when I noticed how many people were getting scammed with sub-par, high price dental products.

There was so much misinformation on what did and didn't work and people were falling for it. The millions of people who follow us trust me with information about their teeth and braces so I decided I needed to give them a place to trust when it comes to their dental products as well!!

The Future of
Something Nice

I want Something Nice to be the go-to trusted spot for anything oral care.

We want to help you make educated choices on the best products for the best prices.

Not only that but make it easy on you with our subscription service so you never have to worry if you have enough toothpaste or floss again!